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The thrill of a mokoro ride to Ditshiping Island, Okavango Delta

Where the Okavango Delta provides a gateway on its Southern tip, is a mokoro station built to transport you to a little paradise in the wilderness. We were set to use mekoros (dugout canoes) as mode of transport to our camp site on Ditshiping Island, it wasn’t my first mokoro ride but definitely the most extensive one through the river channels, as you can imagine this was an on edge experience. On each mokoro were three people, two guests and a poler to steadily pole through the water avoiding head on papyrus and water reeds. Since I had a camera with me, Tebby (our safari guide) insisted I sit in front and he takes the back seat. I was okay with this as it gave me a front row seat of our transit in the waters of the Delta, our poler, Dj agreed.
Upon boarding the mokoro we were told our ride would take at least 1 hour 30 minutes, this, I thought was exciting: what a way to embrace nature and start a safari! So then we began, making our way across, and the first 200 meters were okay I thought, open water, enough space to see something coming if need be, but I was curious as to how the said river channels looked like. Well not long after open water we started taking turns in very narrow channels, where all I saw was the water and mokoro ahead…to my right and left were tall reeds and papyrus. This, I told myself was the exact escape I needed for a tranquil environment. With my camera handy I took amazing shots while on the voyage; that captured the serenity of the Delta. The echoes of different birds kept me calm and were the basic tune for tranquillity, I must admit.
So as we made our way through this maze of river channels I just kept asking DJ “are we there yet?” to which he always replied “sit back, relax and enjoy the water, take in the beauty”, what a kind reminder it was; for me to absorb all the aspects of the journey. After about an hour into these waters full of life we passed by a shallow hippo pool, where a group of 6 hippos were enjoying the aquatic cool. Was I thrilled to see them yes, however knowing fully well we had quite a distance to go, I was curious and wondered what else we would see. Looking ahead, guests in the mokoro in front of ours were lying in the mokoro soaking up the Sun and taking pictures…utter relaxation I tell you. I also  appreciated the skill of poling at a whole new level as one has to steer the mokoro using just one long pole while balancing the mokoro with his/her feet simultaneously. As a passenger I could almost feel the sway of the mokoro as it moved steadily.
Finally I saw the three groups ahead of us take a turn to the right and offload their hand luggage, and I knew the transit was over. I not only enjoyed the tranquillity and ambiance but the ride itself resonated as an art for the polers.
Only on a mokoro ride can you become one with the aquatic vegetation and wildlife and can you fully embrace the epitome of scenic beauty and tranquillity! I suggest it’s a must for a travellers’ bucket list!



1st Bush Ways Video Contest

#JoinTheBushWaysClan in 2017 & Participate in the First Bush Ways Video Contest to Win 1 FREE Safari

How to enter

  1. Record as much as you can during your safari with Bush Ways
  2. Create a video clip (max 3 min) that gives, according to you, the best definition of a Bush Ways mobile safari
  3. Send it via Dropbox or similar to latest submissions 31 January 2018

How to win Continue reading “1st Bush Ways Video Contest”

A New Generation of Safari Vehicles

Bush Ways Safaris is now the proud owner of six modernized Land Cruiser vehicles. With our great team right here at Bush Ways Safaris we have strived to make them more comfortable as well as maintain our high level of standards and keeping our reliability. Continue reading “A New Generation of Safari Vehicles”

Your First 2017 Date with Bush Ways

I don’t know about you, but for us, there are three major highlights in our year: ITB, Indaba and BTTE. And you know why they are so dear to us? Because we get to catch up with you! Well, at least some of us do. Continue reading “Your First 2017 Date with Bush Ways”

Sampling Botswana Flavours on a Bush Ways Platter

In 20 years…what am I saying, 21 years! you may know that we have kept ourselves rather busy here at Bush Ways, and have designed quite a nice variety of ways of exploring the Botswana bush: different levels of mobile safaris, camping or accommodated, then lodges, and a guest house. Continue reading “Sampling Botswana Flavours on a Bush Ways Platter”

Sharing & Connecting Bush Ways Experiences – #JoinTheBushWaysClan

Imagine a world where you would meet travelers from all over the globe, share with them an experience of a lifetime in a wilderness wonderland, come back home and even thousands of kilometers apart, you would remain forever connected.

Continue reading “Sharing & Connecting Bush Ways Experiences – #JoinTheBushWaysClan”

Bush Ways Foundation Raising Trauma Awareness

Article published in the Ngami Times, October 2015, by Thuso Rammidi

“The recently hosted two-day trauma training workshop which was aimed at raising awareness and equipping participants and caregivers with essential skills needed in dealing with traumatized children and elderly within the community has been deemed a success by its organizers. Continue reading “Bush Ways Foundation Raising Trauma Awareness”

Bush Ways – Safari Vehicles

One very important feature of a perfect safari experience is with no doubt the Safari vehicle. You will spend most of the time on game drives and therefore it has to be perfectly designed to match your expectations.

Continue reading “Bush Ways – Safari Vehicles”

A look into Botswana’s kitchen!

Botswana’s cuisine is considered to be rather practical. It needs to provide high protein and a lot of energy to keep one satisfied for a long period of time and it needs to give you everything to be prepared for the harsh African environment. Continue reading “A look into Botswana’s kitchen!”

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