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Sharing & Connecting Bush Ways Experiences – #JoinTheBushWaysClan

Imagine a world where you would meet travelers from all over the globe, share with them an experience of a lifetime in a wilderness wonderland, come back home and even thousands of kilometers apart, you would remain forever connected.

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Bush Ways Foundation Raising Trauma Awareness

Article published in the Ngami Times, October 2015, by Thuso Rammidi

“The recently hosted two-day trauma training workshop which was aimed at raising awareness and equipping participants and caregivers with essential skills needed in dealing with traumatized children and elderly within the community has been deemed a success by its organizers. Continue reading “Bush Ways Foundation Raising Trauma Awareness”

Bush Ways – Safari Vehicles

One very important feature of a perfect safari experience is with no doubt the Safari vehicle. You will spend most of the time on game drives and therefore it has to be perfectly designed to match your expectations.

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A look into Botswana’s kitchen!

Botswana’s cuisine is considered to be rather practical. It needs to provide high protein and a lot of energy to keep one satisfied for a long period of time and it needs to give you everything to be prepared for the harsh African environment. Continue reading “A look into Botswana’s kitchen!”

Why Sango Safari Camp is Eco-Friendly

Sango Safari Camp is located in one of the most unique Wildlife Areas in Botswana – on the banks of the Khwai River, close to the border of the Moremi Game Reserve. Developing and managing a Lodge in such a delicate area, remaining ‘green’ and reducing one’s carbon-footprint is of the utmost importance to us and the least we can do to contribute to the conservation of this incredible wilderness.

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The Eco Friendliness of Chobe Elephant Camp

Chobe Elephant Camp is based in the semi-arid bush of Africa – overlooking the floodplains of the Chobe River. While developing the Lodge we had to address the challenge of extreme temperature variations of this area and how to combat this. Initially we planned to build Chobe Elephant Camp with the same Canvas material Sango Safari Camp is made of. However once we had experienced the extreme conditions we realised that this was not the ideal material to use.

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A new Chapter for Bush Ways

After many years operating from our old base in the Hospital Road in Maun we finally reached the point of Expansion. Our facilities have now moved to our new, much larger, base just outside of Maun at the Matshwane industrial Side. Continue reading “A new Chapter for Bush Ways”

Of Bushcamps and Bucket Lists

It is with great pleasure to publish this wonderful article, written by one of our guests, Daphne Gernetzky, who was on a Fish Eagle Safari in August this year. Our Fish Eagle Semi Participation Camping Safari is the perfect way to experience the very best wildlife areas Botswana has to offer. Starting in Maun, the first stop is the North-Western side of the Delta, with 2 nights camping on a remote island. This safari will then explore the World renowned Moremi Game Reserve, the famous Savute Area, the beautiful Chobe Riverfront Area and end with a night at a comfortable Lodge in Livingston and the possibility to visit the mighty Victoria Falls. Continue reading “Of Bushcamps and Bucket Lists”

From nuts and bolts to seeds and crops

It all began with Rean Lategan, one of our Technical managers, who worked for Bush Ways many years. All though at heart he always was a true Farmer and asked one day if Bush Ways would be interested in supporting him set up a vegetable Farm to supply our Safaris and Lodges. Continue reading “From nuts and bolts to seeds and crops”

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