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Diary of a Bush Ways safari with guide Evans by Frank G.

Tuesday March 13. Tucson Az
Daline is to join me for a trip to Botswana and an 8 day safari in the Okavango Delta, as
I have done twice before. I have been pining for a travel partner and one day about
three weeks ago I got an early morning phone call from Daline. Her first words were,
“Grandpa, I’ll travel to Africa with you”. Continue reading “Diary of a Bush Ways safari with guide Evans by Frank G.”


Bush Ways – Safari Vehicles

One very important feature of a perfect safari experience is with no doubt the Safari vehicle. You will spend most of the time on game drives and therefore it has to be perfectly designed to match your expectations.

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A look into Botswana’s kitchen!

Botswana’s cuisine is considered to be rather practical. It needs to provide high protein and a lot of energy to keep one satisfied for a long period of time and it needs to give you everything to be prepared for the harsh African environment. Continue reading “A look into Botswana’s kitchen!”

Through the Eyes of a Safari Guide

A distant lion roar broke the rhythmic monotonous sound of a hippo munching grass near the campsite. I struggled up out of my sleeping bag to get my ear to the tent window, hoping they would roar again so I could estimate a direction and distance, we had been on Safari now for several days and had not yet managed to spot them.

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First Memories of a Bush Ways Safari

I remember how it all started. I remember the early morning chill, the glowing sun a few meters above the horizon, the jeep proudly heading out of town towards the bush. I remember the first turn off into the bush to pick up some other guests staying in a lodge by the river and suddenly the scent of wild sage wrapped around us, growing ever stronger.

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Nxai Pans

Last month I had the chance to spend a few days in Nxai Pan. February is one of my favourite times to visit as the summer rains bring a flush of nutrient rich grasses which drive one of the biggest migrations in Botswana.

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Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Every year for the last 6 years a group of friends, Carol and I have gone camping in Central Kalahari Game Reserve just after Xmas.

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Liuwa Plains, Zambia

Recently Marc and Heiko, our directors, visited Liuwa Plains National Park in Western Zambia to witness the annual wildebeest migration. The best time to visit is in November, just before the rainy season starts to fill the vaste grass plains with water rendering access impossible.

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